Constellation Quilt

When I first saw this quilt kit from Haptic Labs on Instagram, I knew we needed to be together. Then they had a good sale and so I may have bought the small and large versions of the kit…

A lovely friend was having a baby, and because of her past fondness for a quilt I made her firstborn, I knew she needed this quilt too. I love sending quilts to homes where they are loved!

The baby version is easy enough to start. You get your preprinted pattern and baste it to your fabric and batting. Technically they tell you to baste it through your backing too, but I didn’t want a million ugly knots (I am real about my lack of skills) and tangles, so I left the backing for later.

Again not following directions, I began to work on the constellations before doing the running stitches that look like lines on the globe. My rationale was that I would first compete all the constellations, then add backing, and use the running stitches as my quilting holding it all together.

I am happy to report it worked. One other thing I did differently was I cut mine into a circle instead of keeping it square. It just felt right. Except when I had to make bias binding, but that is a story for another day.

The pattern is great, and even a beginner at embroidery/hand stitching like me can accomplish it. It just takes a million hours.

I am also happy to report it made it to the recipient within the first month of his life, and he seems to be enjoying it.

Maybe someday I will tackle the large one, but not this year.

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