Rainbow Tile Quilt – Tutorial

This quilt is a simple design I had wanted to do for quite a while. Eventually I proposed it to American Made Brand and they let me make it with their lovely solids! It is basically just a Trip Around the World Block, but big!

Most of my ideas start on scratch notebook paper with badly drawn lines and kid scribbles on everything.

You will need:
-20″ x WOF (width of fabric, assumed at least 40″) of 8 colors
-(29) 5″ pink squares AND
(28) 5″ squares each of seven other colors

-20″ x WOF for binding, make (8) 2.5″ strips
-74″ x 74″ batting
-4.25 yards backing

Quilt finishes at 68″ x 68″

I used the following colors of AMB Solids:
AMB 43 Light Raspberry
AMB 79 Light Tomato
AMB 36 Orange
AMB 9 Yellow
AMB 18 Lime
AMB 33 Aqua
AMB 30 Dark Blue
AMB 44 Light Eggplant

Binding is AMB 118 Light Pewter

From the 20″ of fabric, cut (4) 5″ x WOF strips, then subcut into (32) 5″ squares. You will need (29) pink squares, and (28) of the seven other colors.

Layout either following the picture, or I like to start at the center with pink and just work my way out! Sew together in rows, sew rows together, and finish as desired!

This was a fun and quick quilt that turned out bright and lively! Hopefully I will get around to making another with prints very soon!

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