Gingham Farmhouse Fabric Tour

I am excited to be sharing Poppie Cotton’s new line, Gingham Farmhouse! One of my favorite things about Poppie Cotton’s fabric is the huge variety and number of prints in each line. They all look great together, but also stand alone very well or in one of the colorways. Anyway, if you are here you didn’t come to read me ramble, you came to see some pretties!! 🙂

From the start I knew I wanted some sort of patchwork creation. I am a fan of a scrappy look, and using most of the lovely prints in a giant bear paw quilt helped me get that scrappy but coordinated look I love. This is a smaller throwsize quilt.

As you can see, my chickens approve this quilt, even though they could not figure out how to escape to peck at it.

I saved the house prints to make something a little more three dimensional. These little fabric baskets are great for storing knick knacks (so my daughters say…) and I especially love the house that opens with flowers coming out!

If you get crazy and fold over a little bit, you have a new look and a peek at the inside fabrics, some of my new favorite low volumes!

Because I had some left over half square triangles from the first quilt… I made a second baby quilt! Don’t tell the original quilt, but I think I like this one even better.

But wait you exclaim! Do you even have a favorite flower in this line? Good news, I do.

Why is it so cute?? Why do I love it so much?? I don’t know, but I do. The bunnies are pretty great too.

Follow along with the rest of the tour with Poppie Cotton on Instagram or the talented other makers below!

2 thoughts on “Gingham Farmhouse Fabric Tour

  1. Could you share pattern or directions for the huge bear claw quilt & the extra HST quilt ?
    Love them both! I already have the Poppy Cotton fabric.

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